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Continuous Improvement

In 2002, Jazz introduced Six Sigma. Six Sigma examines processes to solve problems and to provide long-term business improvements. This disciplined approach helps Jazz focus on developing and delivering better products and services, ultimately creating greater customer and employee satisfaction.

In 2007, Lean methodologies were added to our Six Sigma efforts. This combination has created a more robust approach to our continuous improvement efforts as we maintain our relentless focus on the elimination of waste in all our processes.

The philosophy of continuous improvement through employee participation is the way Jazz does business.

Project Management Office

Established in April 2004, Jazz’s Project Management Office is an integral part of the Continuous Improvement department working on cross-functional projects of larger scope.

The mandate of the Project Management Office is to track the progress of corporate projects, using project management tools, and to identify potential roadblock issues. This methodology ensures that projects are completed on time, with allocated resources, and within established budgets.

Trax Team

The Trax Team is also an integral part of the Continuous Improvement department supporting the Trax Maintenance and Engineering software.

Continuous Improvement