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In January 2001, a newly-merged carrier called Air Canada Regional Inc. took to the skies. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Air Canada, this company combined the individual strengths of the four regional airline brands – AirBC, Air Nova, Air Ontario, and Canadian Regional. The challenging and complex process of consolidating these four companies was completed in 2002. This exciting achievement was marked with the launch of a new name and brand – Air Canada Jazz.

On February 2, 2006, Jazz went public and the Jazz Air Income Fund successfully completed its initial public offering of 25 million units at a price of $10 per unit for gross proceeds of $250 million. On December 31, 2010 Jazz Air Income Fund completed a corporate conversion to Chorus Aviation Inc. – a dividend-paying holding company that owns Jazz Aviation LP. The shares and debentures of Chorus Aviation Inc. are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols CHR.A, CHR.B and CHR.DB.

Jazz is one of the largest regional airlines in the world, serving over 80 destinations in Canada and the United States, and providing customers with seamless connections to the worldwide networks of Air Canada and the Star Alliance under the brand name Air Canada Express (formerly Air Canada Jazz). With the most flights to the most communities in Canada, Jazz is the airline that brings together family, friends and business.

Jazz offers private charters throughout North America to clients who enjoy travelling on their own schedule. We possess a highly skilled work force trained in the operation of one of the world’s largest fleets of regional aircraft. Jazz offers services to other airline operators such as dispatching services, flight load planning, as well as training and consulting on flight operations.

Jazz is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has regional offices and operational bases in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.