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Ground Handling

As the second largest airline in Canada, we understand the importance of operating safely, efficiently, and in a cost-effective manner. Jazz’s highly skilled work force is deployed across many Canadian airports. Our customized services above and below the wing will allow you to optimize your operations without compromising what’s most important to you. At Jazz, safety and security come first.

Our team of experienced professionals delivers a full range of airport services:

Passenger Services (above the wing)

  • Check-in
  • Gates
  • Ticketing
  • Lobby management
  • Lounge management
  • Customer assistance with self-serve products and irregular operations
  • Special needs handling
  • Baggage services
    •  Lost and found bags
    •  Claims
    •  Baggage tracing

Aircraft Services and Ramp Handling (below the wing)

  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Cabin grooming
  • Aircraft towing
  • De-icing services

From check-in to de-icing services, the Jazz Ground Handling team is your partner on the ground.  For more information and customized quotes, please contact flyjazz.ca.

Ground Handling

Ground Handling