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Jazz Safety Solutions

Let us put our experience in safety management system (SMS) and airline operations to work for you with our specialized safety and audit services.

  • SMS strategy and process design
  • Auditing by certified IATA Fuel Quality auditors 
  • Customized safety and quality audit services
  • Gael Q-Pulse software integration
  • Risk assessment facilitation
  • Safety investigation
  • Safety training

Jazz’s SMS is approved, mature and award-winning. Let us share with you our insight into what works by identifying where challenges lie and collaborating on solutions. Jazz is your partner for building a practical, yet high-calibre system to meet IOSA and state requirements (where applicable).

Jazz’s award-winning safety expertise results from successfully implementing real solutions to address actual challenges within an aviation environment. For us, this isn’t academic, and it isn’t theory. We provide services for what we make work every day. We are a living, breathing airline and our core business is the successful delivery of complex commercial and charter airline operations across North
America. We only offer safety consulting and services in areas where we have experience, specialized expertise, and where we deliver the very same kinds of professional quality solutions for our own airline. We also have relationships with several specialized safety providers that we can draw on to ensure our clients get exactly what they need. Jazz Safety Solutions can offer you a range of safety services including:


Jazz is a strategic consulting partner with Gael Ltd. and a Q-Pulse user for 10+ years. We can help you assess how Q-Pulse can be integrated into your SMS or QMS to increase your effectiveness while improving performance and efficiencies.


We can provide a range of one-time or ongoing audit services – customized to you. Jazz has been IOSA certified since 2005, including SMS provisions in the current standard. We have had a Transport Canada approved SMS since 2009 and we are one of the few providers with fully IATA certified auditors for both fuel and drinking water quality. Jazz can be your audit safety solution in a variety of ways:

  • SMS
  • Auditing by certified IATA fuel auditors
  • Other specialized safety audit needs and more.


Whether you need an objective party to facilitate a critical risk assessment, or are looking to enhance your internal process for this fundamental part of your safety system, take advantage of Jazz’s maturity and capabilities in this area.


Jazz has full-time, professional investigators with backgrounds in flight operations, maintenance, cabin safety, dispatch, and others (civilian and military). If you have had a significant event or issue raised and require an objective external party to validate or lead a safety investigation, we can offer professionalism, credibility and experience.


Jazz can provide general or customized, classroom or train-the-trainer safety training in such areas as SMS, safety culture, and occupational health and safety.


Looking for best practices in structuring your emergency response process? Through our experience in this area, Jazz can assist with your strategy to define a practical, yet rigorous, process that incorporates crisis management system technology.


Your needs

Looking for a partner who brings proven credibility from an award winning SMS?

Need on-the-ground experience, not just full-time consultants?

Every aviation organization is unique, and so are its needs. Whether you need strategic advice or audit and other safety services, let us explore how Jazz Safety Solutions can help you reach your safety potential.


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